Covid-19 - Pre-cautionary Measures

Please be advised of the precautionary measures put in place to ensure the safety of patients and staff

In an effort to keep us all safe, we encourage all persons to exercise the necessary precautions by:

  • We have now restricted our intake of patients to 8 at any one time.
  • Patient screening will be done before entry to clinic; Once assessed, patients will be seen in order of urgency and instruction given by our medical personnel.
  • Our review cases will now be done by appointment, and for these cases our screening process will still be enforced.

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FMH Emergencies

Services provided cover a wide range of urgent care and emergency diagnostic investigations and treatment

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We provide employers with high-quality, accessible treatment

FMH Emergency Medical clinic (FMH) is a private emergency medical clinic staffed by Emergency Physicians and designed to treat conditions that have recently started or chronic conditions that have suddenly become worse. The clinic is a level 2 Emergency Centre with five Emergency Physicians. There are no facilities for major surgery or keeping patients overnight.



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