Pay Your Bills

Pay Your Bills

  • FMH is an emergency Clinic and its fee structure is different from that of a usual doctor's office. For an estimate of our fees, please call our office and one of our Medical Receptionists will be happy to assist.

  • To request an estimate for future services email us at Contact Form Customer Service and an FMH representative will call or e-mail (according to your preference) within 3 business days. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and may vary as a result of the quality and accuracy of the information provided when making the request and the actual care provided at the time of service.


Our international customers may make payments by cash (£ Sterling, Canadian, Euro or US Dollars), credit card or travelers cheques. We do not accept foreign personal cheques or insurance cards from providers to whom we are not affiliated. However, we will provide you with an invoice to allow you to claim for a refund from your health insurance provider.

  • Local

    Local customers/patients can make payments by cash, credit/debit card, the Massy Card and personal checks.


    Our Corporate partners may make payments via company cheque or by direct wire transfer. For direct wire transfer, please call or email our Accounts Department at Contact Form Accounts Dept for banking details.

    Coming soon on-line payments!

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