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Walking in or in some instances running in to an emergency clinic can be a harrowing experience. You or your loved one is ill and you are anxious, upset and quite frankly, feel powerless. We, at FMH Emergency Medical Clinic understand this completely, and as a result, would like to give you an introductory as to how the clinic operates; because we firmly believe knowledge is power!

Receptionist (Registration)

When you enter the clinic, you are first greeted by a Medical Receptionist. This young woman/man is there to facilitate the registration process. Here, you will give them your demographic information, so that the nurses and the doctors can identify you. They note information such as your name, date of birth and contact information for you and your next of kin. Please be sure to walk with your national Id card/driver’s license as this is an easy way to identify you in times of emergency.

Why do we need this information?

It is imperative to gather as much information as we can, so that we can make the right decisions concerning you and your care. Information such as your date of birth, believe it or not, is imperative to the care you receive. So be patient, and understand that you are completing a part of the process towards resolution of your problem.

Nurses (Assessment/Triage)

  • After you have registered, the nurse will call you for assessment/ triage (the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.) Here, he/she will take your vitals and may even commence treatment depending on nature of your emergency/urgency. He/she will enquire as to the reason for your visit, as well as ask what medications you are currently taking and if you have any chronic illnesses or allergies.

Doctors (Assessment &Treatment)

Once assessed by the nurse, you will be called in to an examination room. Here, the emergency physician will interview you once more and perform a thorough examination. Please note, that at this juncture, the doctor will have in mind what we call a ‘working diagnoses’ and may ask permission to do certain investigations (lab tests/x-ray/ECG/ultrasound) to confirm. At each step of the way, the doctor will explain what is being done and the reason for doing so. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask and they will be more than happy to explain. Please note that a definitive diagnosis may not be made immediately as more investigations (outside of the clinic) may be required, however, once the physician has gathered enough information treatment is commenced. During your treatment, the nursing team as well as the doctor will check in intermittently, to ensure that you are comfortable and are feeling better.

On the completion of treatment, you are discharged. Discharge usually includes:

  1. Advice from the physician to manage your condition or how best to avoid recurrence.
  2. Take home medications may or may not be prescribed.
  3. A plan to return, to monitor the condition/injury.
  4. Referral to a specialist doctor or another service provider (physiotherapy).
  5. Referral to our in-patient facilities on island (The Queen Elizabeth Hospital/Bayview Hospital)

Payment for services provided is made at the reception desk, where he/ she will outline, once more, the doctor’s plans on discharge.

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