Service Driven

If you are a lover of people, and are bubbling over with enthusiasm, and a genuine deep seated need to help others, FMH Emergency Medical Clinic is the place to be. Our patients are the life blood of this clinic and our strength lies in providing exemplary service.

  • Team Oriented

    We are a strong family unit and have members of staff who have been with us from our inception 20 years ago! We believe strongly in the collaborative effort and the merits of teamwork.

  • Learn on the Job

    At FMH, you have the opportunity to work alongside, doctors, nurses and administrative staff who have had years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and best of all, they don’t mind sharing!

  • Fast-Paced

    Work at FMH can be demanding and hectic but at the same time rewarding. If you enjoy a challenge, thinking on your feet and having the occasional adrenaline rush, you have found the ideal work environment!

Make A difference

Even though we are an emergency facility, and we may only be in a patient’s life for that one moment of crisis, we have found that every moment is one where we can make an impression on a person’s life. Working at FMH enables you to make a difference and build meaningful relationships.

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