Corporate Services

FMH Emergency Medical Clinic has provided forward thinking/proactive employers peace of mind for over twenty years. We provide employers with high-quality, accessible treatment for their employees and clients who have become suddenly ill or injured while in their place of business, as well as additional services such as: Pre-employment Screenings, Food Handling Certificates and Employee Yearly Physicals.

At FMH Emergency Medical Clinic we make sure that your employees/customers are well taken care of. In addition to our highly trained and experienced team of emergency physicians and our wide range of in-house point of care diagnostics/Ancillary Services

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Our emergency physicians are backed by a strong administrative and billing department which strives to ensure
that you, the employer are well informed of costs and recommended treatment for your employees/customers.

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Ancillary Services

  • We are affiliated with an imaging facility and a medical laboratory that are available to us even after normal working hours.

  • We offer take home medications from the pharmacy as an inclusive part of patient care.

    We also provide care coordination and referral to specialists.

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