General Questions

All you need to know about FMH Emergency Medical Clinic.
Patients are seen at the clinic according to the severity of their condition and not in the order they arrive at the clinic. To decide who is seen first, all patients are triaged by a nurse or doctor. This is a procedure where the urgency of the case and how soon they need to be seen is decided. It is therefore important to explain to the nurse/ doctor the exact nature of your problem so that accurate triage can be done. Triage is only as accurate as the information the patient gives. Triage starts at the receptionist who will briefly ask the nature of your problem on arrival, so that ill patients can be brought to the attention of the medical staff, as soon as possible.
FMH is primarily designed to offer urgent care for emergencies. On occasion, we may appear rushed and behind schedule for routine appointments and follow-ups. This type of practice is full of unexpected and sometimes serious problems, requiring immediate attention. Please bear with us during these times.
Generally, there is a fee involved for all services at the clinic. Review appointments and repeat visits for the same complaint within a short period of the initial visit, are charged at a lower rate than regular visits for a new complaint.
If there are any questions concerning the fees that you are likely to incur – Please enquire of the secretary/ nurse/ doctor for an estimate of the fees before you are seen.
We do not offer credit!
The on-site pharmacy is under separate management and prescriptions are not included in the cost of care at FMH.
Before patients are transferred from FMH to any physician or hospital, contact is made with the person to whom you have been referred. This is done to minimize the waiting time for the patient. Sometimes, however, a prolonged wait may occur either because the physician to whom you have been referred is busy with other patients or because tests sent from the clinic need to be completed before the doctor sees you. This may take a few hours is some instances. Please be patient.

Other Questions

The answers on most common questions are described below.
Should you require referral to another doctor or institution, your doctor will ask you to choose between public/ private care. Private care means that you will need to pay the doctor who sees you and the institution to which you are referred. These fees will not be included in your FMH bill. If you are unsure as to the cost of further care, ask your doctor to arrange an estimate of further care.
Most conditions may require a few days to improve, even with prescribed medication. In addition, conditions may change over time, and a problem thought to be one thing when first seen by the doctor, may change and a different diagnosis made a day or two later.
If your condition worsens or you are concerned by your failure to improve, call the clinic and the doctor or nurse on duty will advise you as to what action you should take.
In general, we prefer to see our patients again should they be unsatisfied with their care.
Some refills/renewals can be authorized without the doctor seeing the patient. Other prescriptions, such as antibiotics cannot be called in to a pharmacy without seeing the patient.
There is a comments box at the desk in which you may place your note with a guarantee of anonymity should you desire it. Should you wish to make a complaint in person, please arrange an appointment through the receptionists, to see one of the Directors/Office Manager.

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