Medical Tips When you have...
Seizures (Fits) due to fever
Cool down patient quickly using standard fever control methods. During the fit turn child on left side. Do not place any objects in child\'s mouth.
Medical Tips When you have...
Liquid burns-
Remove clothes, jewelry, watches and wash off liquid. Apply cool moist compress to area and/or place burn area under normal to cool temperature tap water for at least 10 minutes. Use clean towel or clean cotton shirt or cloth to cover burn area. Do not apply butter, lotions, soda or powders. Give appropriate does of acetaminophen (panadol)
Suspected Lion Fish Envenomation
- place area in as hot water as you can bear it.
Flame Burns-
Apply cool moist compress to area.
Seek immediate medical attention
Medical Tips When you have...
Treat with acetaminophen (Panadol) with age appropriate dose. Sponge off child with normal temperature tap water.
Lose fitting clothing.
Place in front of fan.
See your doctor immediately to determine cause of fever.
Medical Tips When you have...

Marine Stings
Pour copious amounts of vinegar or seawater over injury to incapacitate stinging cells that have not released venom. Aviod plain water, alcohol and rubbing sand on the affected area. Dust a dry poeder (talcum) to make stinging cells stick together. Meat tenderizer contains papain that inactivates the venom. Gently brush powder off with a clean non-fluffy pad
Seek medical advice.

When should I call?

If you are unsure as to where the patient should be seen, call the clinic before moving the patient. Conditions for which you should call the clinic include:
Difficulty breathing
Chest pains
Vomiting blood
Blood in stool
Gunshot and stab wounds to the chest or abdomen
Fall from significant heights
A patient should never be moved from any hospital or doctor’s office to FMH without speaking to a physician at our clinic, to ensure that the transfer will not worsen the patient’s condition(s).
If an ambulance is called, can that patient be seen at FMH Emergency Medical Clinic? All patients are triaged by the emergency physician on call before transport to the clinic by ambulance. This is done to ensure that patients receive the best quality care. Some patients would therefore be better served by being seen at the island’s only level 1 emergency centre-The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The time taken to transfer a very ill patient may be the difference between life or death.

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